How My day is going….

Had a nice wake up

What? Farra’s class is going to Heather’s ballet class? Am I going?

ahahahaha NO…..

And then I had to wake up for real and go to class. Ate my Special K

Movement, Voice and Speech


My Teacher, Jane, asks if I wanna stay for help after class. I’m thinking..

But a make some legit excuse to get out of it

Here I am now


Sooo…one more week till I head back to college. 1 more week of being bored out of my mind. OVER ITZ! OKRRR

I’m going crazy up in dis B! Now my parents are getting mad cuz I sleep till like 12. But honestly….what IS THERE TO DO!? WHAT?! WHAT?!

nothing…EXACTLY…Up out my face please….

They finally found work for me to do tomorrow….

What evs……Im going to bed 3 hrs early tonight. 2’s bad bitches

4 songs that make me………
  • smile: Physical- Sue Sylvester (Glee)
  • cry: Gravity - Sara Bareilles
  • feel good: Wait Till You See My Smile - Alicia Keys
  • dance: Check It Out - Nicki Minaj